About DeterLab

Welcome to DeterLab -- the shared facility for scientists engaged in research discovery, development, experimentation, and testing of new cyber-security technology.

Over 200 organizations are using DeterLab for cyber-security experimentation and education. Registered users have remote access to their DeterLab workbench, by logging into the experimenter interface, a Web-based system that DeterLab experimenters use to develop, configure, operate, and observe their experiments.
DeterLab is operated by the DETER Project team, whose research results and lab infrastructure innovations -- used by DeterLab's worldwide research community -- advance the scale, pace, and power of security technology development. Please contact us to learn more about using DeterLab.
To become a new user of DeterLab, first register to create a new DeterLab project, or join an existing project -- or contact us to learn more about how to get started. More information on DeterLab's overall mission and facilities is available on the DETER Project web site. Specific information for current DeterLab users is available via the following links:

  • Support for DeterLab experimenters
  • Documentation of DeterLab facilities and tools
  • Overview of Supported Software, the operating systems available to experimenters
  • Overview of Installed Hardware available for experimenters to use
  • Education materials and instruction for classroom use
  • MAGI: DeterLab's scalable workflow management system, to provide deterministic control over the various components in an experiment.
  • SEER toolkit for DeterLab experimenters
  • FEDD, the framework for federation between DeterLab and other testbeds
  • Containers, the infrastructure for creating large scale experiments through virtualization.
  • ABAC, the facility for Attribute Based Access Control
  • DeterLab Tools, a guide to several tools for experiment development, operation, and control.